1. Sketching and T-shirt for Skillshare proyect by Chris Delorenzo.

  2. Smilingcat! t-shirts proyect for skillshare.

  3. First proposed league shield for Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel city.

  4. Shield for the league of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel city.

  5. Lettering from my beauty sister


  6. Amazing work from Kendrick Kidd for Texas Monthly For it’s “The Cities”

  7. I can not wait to make these t-shirts :D

  8. Minimalist Yu-Gi-Oh! poster.

    For me this is the most emblematic of the anime and everything about Yu-Gi-Oh! I hope the fans like it :D

  9. akivans:

    My Secrecy. My Advantage. My Guild

    My guild

  10. My new proyect, Sorin Markov minimalist.